Archsim is now part of DIVA 4

Dear friends,
Archsim became part of DIVA and the most recent version of it can be downloaded from For support, I am slowly transitioning to the joint forum at This website and the standalone download of Archsim will remain available for a while but updates will be less frequent.

Archsim + DIVA for Rhino

I am pleased to announce that Archsim Energy Modeling - the multi-zone energy simulation plugin for Grasshopper – will become a part of the DIVA environmental performance analysis suite. Starting with DIVA 4.0, Grasshopper users will be able to seamlessly combine annual daylight availability and glare analysis with thermal simulation studies for fully conditioned and naturally ventilated buildings.

DIVA 4.0 beta will debut at DIVA Day 2015 on October 23 in London, England. Join us to learn about DIVA 4.0 and more on October 22 and 24 at our DIVA Day training courses.

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Archsim Energy Modeling for Grasshopper

Archsim Energy Modeling is a plugin that, for the first time, brings fully featured EnergyPlus simulations to Rhino/Grasshopper and thus links the EnergyPlus simulation engine with a powerful parametric design and CAD modeling environment.
Archsim allows you to effortlessly create complex multi-zone energy models, simulate them and visualize results without ever switching between tools. Archsim supports advanced daylighting and shading controls, ventilation modules such as wind and stack natural ventilation, airflow-networks, simple HVAC, photovoltaics and phase changing materials. It is typically used for rapid early design exploration where building shape, window to wall ratios, facade and glazing systems and passive approaches such as shading and natural ventilation potential are tested for their impact on the building environmental performance and comfort.
Simulation inputs such as model geometry, materiality, constructions and zone usage profiles are fully parametric and can be coupled with optimization algorithms within Grasshopper.
Archsim is a young tool under heavy development and new features are added frequently. Archsim exports native IDF files that are fully customizable. Besides EnergyPlus version 8-2-7 support the same workflow can also produce TRNSYS B17 files. Like on Facebook.


Urban Daylight Availability Simulations

The UrbanDaylight is a Rhino5 and Grasshopper plugin that allows designers to simulate and evaluate the daylight potential of large urban designs. The tool automates exterior DAYSIM simulations for all buildings in the city model. Given the solar radiation on the facades, it uses a generalized impulse response to compute the interior illumination on an hour by hour basis. This allows us to use the data for climate based metrics. You can download the paper here. Image credits: “Kendal Square Redesign” student design project at MIT Urban Modeling Seminar – by James Perakis and Josh Westerhold.

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