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Sustainable Rehabilitation of Lower Roxbury

In this project Maxime CuninJeff Geisinger and Cody Rose address questions such as how planners and architects can transform public housing in a way that is environmentally responsible, socially equitable, and sensitive to the existing community and urban fabric. The following poster was created within the framework of MITs “Modeling Urban Energy Flows” class and used the UrbanDaylight and Archsim toolset to simulate and evaluate retrofitting and planning ideas.


MIT Net-Zero Energy Growth

 Within MITs “Modeling Urban Energy Flows” class Aiko Nakano, Denise Rivas, Manos Saratsis and Julia Sokol  created an energy model of the entire MIT campus using Archsim. They first calibrated the model to measured data and then tested various retrofit scenarios on the campus’ energy consumption. Key questions they tried to answer were:

  • How much more energy the campus would consume in 2050 if no retrofits are performed. The baseline model was simulated with a 2050 weather file that accounts for climate change.
  • To what extent certain retrofits would reduce campus energy consumption in order to enable campus expansion on a net-zero basis.

141005_Poster 141005_Poster2