Natural Ventilation

Archsim can simulate natural ventilation in 3 different modes.

  1. Scheduled
  2. Simple wind and stack equations
  3. Airflow network

The first option is great for coupling Archsim with other tools that return a schedule of air-changes in hourly format. Just link this schedule in the zone settings under the ventilation tab or specify a fixed air change rate.This model does not model airflow from zone to zone.

The second option uses simple formulas explained on the slides below. This model is extremely robust – especially for buoyancy driven flow. Wind driven flow always assumes an ideal exhaust and basically simulates cross-ventilation – even if you only model one window – this can easily lead to overestimation of the wind driven ventilation potential. This model does not model airflow from zone to zone.

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The third option is the airflow network. It provides the possibility to model natural ventilation and more complicated airflow paths through the building. Thus, this is the preferred option – however – it might slow down your simulations.

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