Modeling Environment and Interface

Integrated design and simulation based feedback during architectural design is an exciting new field that has the potential to change how we design buildings. Archsim has been created to facilitate this process. Archsim allows you to produce your own environmental simulation feedback right where you design and model your architecture. Archsim Energy Modeling introduces fully featured EnergyPlus simulations to Rhino and Grasshopper. It links the EnergyPlus simulation engine with a powerful visual programming and CAD modeling environment and thus allows you simulate and optimize energy use intensity interactively and parametrically. Archsim supports complex multi-zone energy models and can visualize results in the Rhino and Grasshopper view ports. The following image shows the modeling and simulation interface in Rhino and Grasshopper respectively.

The diagram below shows the general working schema of Archsim.

Archsim provides a simple user interface in Grasshopper consisting out of a set of components with inputs and outputs. The following image shows the four most important ones that are required to convert Rhino geometry into an energy model. Simply connect zone, shading and window geometry to the Archsim components and compose a full energy model with the network component.