Installing Archsim Energy Modeling

Archsim2 BETA

Before you install the Archsim2 BETA you have to remove all previous installations of Archsim. Search in the following locations and remove all files and folders associated with a prior installation of Archsim:

  • C:\Users\*YourUserName*\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\Plug-ins\ArchsimRhino (9ead4e28-0d4e-4e87-aca5-94cd9dbb4388)\1.X.X.X
  • C:\Users\*YourUserName*\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\Libraries

Archsim2 comes with an installer and does not use the RHI Rhino installer anymore. The new installer includes the supported version of Energy Plus (currently 8.4). The new default location for the Archsim installation is under “C:\DIVA”.
The installer will add the following sub-folders and will work with or without DIVA installed:

  • C:\DIVA\bin\ArchSim
  • C:\DIVA\EnergyPlusV8-4-0
  • C:\DIVA\WeatherData

To be on the safe side, create a back-up of all valuable files in the DIVA directory.

Archsim 1.x

The installation assumes that you have Rhino5, Grasshopper and EnergyPlus v8.1 already installed on your computer. Energy Plus is free and can be downloaded here.

To install the plugin for “normal users”:

    1. Close Rhino and Grasshopper
    • Remove all older versions of Archsim
    • Run the RHI intaller
    • Select “Just Me” – (“Anyone” will not work)

The installer will then place all Archsim related files in C:\Users\*YourUserName*\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\Plug-ins\ArchsimRhino (9ead4e28-0d4e-4e87-aca5-94cd9dbb4388)\


To install the plugin for institutions and firms that maintain larger computer infrastructures:

The RHI installer is convenient for the “general pc user. It, however, does confusing things when it is confronted with e.g. user accounts that are stored on a server. If that is the case do not use the RHI installer. Archsim has to be installed to a directory where the user has read write access. Otherwise it will not work. 

You can install the Grasshopper components manually:

  • Rename the archsim.rhi file to
  • Unzip the renamed file to get the component files and dlls.
  • In Grasshopper, choose File > Special Folders > Components folder. Save all delivered files [gha,dll,xmls] there. An alternative installation path is directly in the Rhino Plugins folder [C/Program Files/Rhinoceros 5.0 (64-bit)/Plug-ins].
  • Right-click the file > Properties > make sure there is no “blocked” text
  • Restart Rhino and Grasshopper