Materials and Constructions

Constructions can be defined parametrically in Grasshopper. The general buildup starts with a material definition. Materials can be referenced by name from the library (Text panels with the material name) or are built up from scratch. A material paired with a material thickness is called a layer. A construction is then built up from several layers. The order of the layers should be organized from outside to inside. All custom materials and constructions must be forwarded to the “Library” to make the definitions available in the various dropdown menus. It is sufficient to only pass on the construction to the library. The child objects such as layers and materials are added automatically. See the library section for details.

Defining custom opaque constructions


Defining custom glazing constructions


Simple Glazing Construction based on Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), U-Value and visible transmittance.

glazing constructions

Detailed Glazing Construction assembley.